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Cardiologist In Pitam Pura Delhi

Whether a normal doctor or a physician sees you in the hospital or at any other place, he will always review your medical history and similarly perform a physical examination which especially includes:

  • - checking your blood pressure
  • - weight
  • - heart
  • - lungs
  • - blood vessels
  • - eyes, ears, nose, tongue
  • - pulse rate
  • - heart beat

Some problems may be diagnosed by small symptoms and then the doctor or a physician find that whether the patient has examined or not. A patient of heart disease or who is suffering from the heart diseases may need additional tests like ECG, X-ray and major or important blood test. Other related problems may also require more specialised testing as per the concerns of a doctor’s prescription.
The Cardiologist In Pitam Pura Delhi recommends the lifestyle changes and medicine of best functionality. Each patient’s case is unique at out hospital and we solve it very frequently with proper care attention and support. We aim in providing the proper initial health of a patient which he had prior to heart disease. Each and every different patient of all the age groups experience real-life stories of all the heart patients who enrolled their self at our hospital. Our staff and the team of doctors work closely with the families of patients and of course, with patients as well. This is because our vision is to render the treatments so that the patient can quickly get heal from his or her disease.

The specialisation of our hospital includes:
  • - 24/7 Ambulance
  • - Canteen
  • - Personal Rooms
  • - Wards
  • - ICU
  • - Laboratories
  • - Test of all types
  • All our render services and treatments are available at us with vacant rooms as well at the affordable cost without any flaws in anything.