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Cardiologist In Jahangirpuri Delhi

Our staff of cardiologists holds extensive education which mainly includes four years of medical school along with three years of training in general internal medicine. After all this qualification background we also provide further training for the satisfaction of the management and especially of the patients as well. Our hired cardiologist spends three or more years in specialised training with us along with their respected profession or job at our own hospital.
In order to become a certified doctor who has completed a minimum of ten years of clinical as well as an educational preparation, they pass a rigorous exam. This exam tests not only judge their knowledge but also judge their ability in providing superior care to its customers. People often call our cardiologist for help when they feel the symptoms like shortness of breath, dizzy spells, chest pains. IN this conditions, they often require special testing. We do this practice open heartedly for such patients 24/7 at cost effective pieces.

Sometimes murmuring of heart or ECG changes truly need the evaluation of a cardiologist. The Cardiologist In Jahangirpuri Delhi help victims of heart disease in returning a full and useful life. Our team also counsel and guides patients about the risks and prevention of the heart disease or problems. Most importantly, our team of cardiologists and related doctors are entirely involved in the treatment of heart attacks and its failures along with major or serious heart rhythm disturbances.

Their skills and training are always required whenever the most important decisions are made about the procedures which include:
  • - cardiac catheterization
  • - balloon angioplasty
  • - heart surgery