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Cardiologist In Model Town Delhi

The hospital is running with the achievements of greater success and heights with the team of our well-professional and the staff of doctors, surgeons and cardiologists who hold a vast experience in the domain of heart diseases. We render various different forms of services such as:

  • - Echocardiogram in which a sound wave picture is captured and looks at the structure as well as the functioning of the heart.
  • - Ambulatory ECG, this includes a recording during an activity which looks for abnormal heart rhythms.
  • - Exercise test- This is a study which measures the heart's performance and limitations as well.
  • - Cardiac Catheterization- This is a special test in which a small tube is placed near the heart which takes or capture the pictures for how the heart is working and is performing its functions. This test also checks the electrical system and help in relieving blockage of vessels inside the heart.

However, many cardiologists do such tests which require small skin punctures or incisions, and some put the pacemakers or stents inside the heart.
The Cardiologist In Model Town Delhi render the services in many different forms of the domain such as:

  • - Atrial Fibrillation
  • - Congenital Heart Defects
  • - Coronary Artery Disease
  • - Heart Attack
  • - Heart Failure
  • - High Blood Pressure
  • - Peripheral Vascular Disease
Our motto is patients safety. If the patients who have enrolled himself at our hospital get rid of his or her disease with proper care and treatment, then we have earned a large profit. Therefore, we serve our services and treatments at cost effective affordable costs. We also suggest and advice personal tips for the sake and well-being of the health of a patient extremely free of cost. This is because the health safety and security of a patient is our safety and security on which we never compromise.