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Best Cardiologist In Delhi

We have been in practice for last many years with a vision of providing a complete treatment for the heart regarding any of the disease. Our centre is one of the largest cardiac centres in Delhi which holds the most experienced cardiac surgery team in the world.
Over the last few years, a large number of patients have had their heart surgery performed at our hospital which ranges from mitral valve surgery, cardiac bypasses, complex aortic and arch surgeries. Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) is a proven procedure which is meant for aortic valve replacement especially in the people who are considered as high risk patients for Open Heart Surgery. In this particular process, a new aortic valve is fixed without removing the old damaged valve with the help of a catheter by a process which is similar to stunting. A new artificial valve wedges at a place of the older aortic valve.
Dr Ajay Aggarwal works with his dedicated Heart Team which consists of:

  • - Interventional Cardiologist
  • - Cardiac Surgeon
  • - Non-Invasive Cardiologist
  • - Cardiac Radiologist
  • - Cardiac Anesthesiologist

Their well-professional and experienced team of Cardiologist In Delhi firstly conducts a comprehensive evaluation of a patient especially to determine that whether the procedure is an appropriate treatment option for the patient or not. This evaluation includes Clinical Examination, CT scan, Echo-cardiogram, and Cardiac Catheterization.
The centre is running under one umbrella of Best Cardiologist In Delhi with a leadership of Dr Ajay Aggarwal. His vision is to create an integrated health care delivery system in India and he himself has an excellence cardiac experience. Our Heart Institute has set benchmarks in cardiac care with Pediatric over the past few years. Today, we are well-recognised world over as a centre of excellence which provides the latest technology in:
  • - Cardiac Bypass Surgery
  • - Interventional Cardiology
  • - Non-invasive Cardiology
  • - Paediatrics Cardiology
  • - Paediatrics Cardiac Surgery