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Cardiologist In Lawrence Road Delhi

Congenital heart disease (CHD) are also called as the congenital heart defects. These are the conditions and problems that people in a society, hardly know about. Despite this, it is the commonly known fact that 1% of the world's population is born with heart problems or other heart-related diseases which also makes it common at the time of the birth and by defect as well. Most congenital heart defects are repaired with a single surgery and others may require two or more interventions at our hospital. Our well-professional and experienced staff of doctors, as well as surgeons, perform their job with proper concentration.
In most of the developed countries, there are a large number of medical centres with trained personnel in the paediatric cardiovascular domain who attend congenital heart defects and often scare the patient for the sake of earning and gaining profit. In the third-world countries, especially in Honduras, this type of medical care and related heart treatments are not available for children who suffer from severe heart defects. But our hospital treats the children and babies as well.

Our hospital acts as helping hands for all such children, babies or patients who do not get the proper treatment or else get the treatment which ranges out of a budget. But our hospital is in existence till date because of our cost-effective rendered services and treatment especially to those who do not get the medical aid.
Since the day of our establishment, we are continuously offering our services and treatment to all the patients of all the age group. The number one priority has been to support our patients. Our hospital with the best Cardiologist In Lawrence Road Delhi has grown dramatically because of the huge number of children who were not treated carefully just because of lack of hospitals and expensive facilities.