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Cardiologist in Palam Delhi

Cardiologist treats medical problems of the heart and provides various medical services to help the patient to take care of heart . The cardiologist in the palam Delhi has the extensive experience and expertise to provide the safe and effective medical services to heart patients .
The cardiologist in palam Delhi provides the best heart services to the patient through his state of the art clinic . The clinic of the cardiologist in palam Delhi is equipped with latest machines , instruments and tools to deliver all cardiology services . The experience of the Dr Ajay helps patients to get by pass surgery , minimum intervention surgery, non invasive cardiology services , interventional cardiology services . The clinic of the Cardiologist in Palam Delhi has the medical infrastructure with all latest medical infrastructure for cardiology services such as non invasive image processing , echo cardiography , stress tests ,cardiovascular ct , and thallium heart mapping services .
The services of the Cardiologist in Palam Delhi are rendered in highly caring atmosphere by trained medical staff under the direct supervision of Cardiologist in Palam Delhi, who himself takes care of CT scans , cardiac ablation , cardioversion , CT coronary angiogram , cardiac catheterization , coronary angiography , cholesteroal tests , and coronary angioplasty stents .

The clinic of the Cardiologist in Palam Delhi has facilities like electrocardiogram , holter monitor , stress test, implantable cardioverter defibrillator, tilt table test , ventricular assists devices and pacemaker . The soothing and therapeutic atmosphere inside the clinic immediately puts a patient to relax and helps the to perform series of tests for effective heart treatment . The services of the Cardiologist in Palam Delhi are also for diagnoses and treatment of cardiac issues new born ones and foetuses.

The use of modern machines and instruments helps the Cardiologist in Palam Delhi to see the condition of the heart and condition of arteries in non invasive manner . Comprehensive consultations of Cardiologist in Palam Delhi help the patient to understand the condition of the heart and also maintain a healthy lifestyle that contributes to the overall health and improves the heart efficiency . The consultations with the Cardiologist in Palam Delhi help everybody to adopt the best practices like regular exercises , intake of health food , weight management , stress management , gradual reduction and then totally elimination of smoking habit ,etc . Both male and females of any age can also consult the Cardiologist in Palam Delhi to know the condition of their heart and understand the current level of blood pressure , cholesterol levels , and for complete heart check .