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Cardiologist in Dwarka Delhi

Dr Ajay Aggarwal is highly experienced and trained cardiologist in the Dwarka in Delhi . Dr Ajay , the best Cardiologist in Dwarka Delhi has interest in complex coronary interventions , carotid angioplasty , endovascular aortic aneurysm repair , cardiac resynchronization therapy , and peripheral intervention . Dr Ajay ,Cardiologist in Dwarka Delhi ,has also treated several related diseases like blood pressure , hypertension , high cholesterol level , breathing difficulty , tiredness , dysnea etc .
Cardiology is the part of the medical science that deals with the disorders of the heart . The doctor who has the specialized knowledge is knowns as cardiologist . The best Cardiologist in Dwarka diagnosis and treats congenital heart defects , coronary , artery diseases ,heart failures , electro physiology , and valvular heart diseases .
Dr Ajay, one of the highly experienced Cardiologist in Dwarka Delhi provides the best of the services by accurately analyzing and providing the effective treatment . The specialist offers by- pass surgery , non – invasive cardiology , minimum invasive surgery , and intervention cardiology services .

The clinic of the Cardiologist in Dwarka Delhi cardiologist is equipped with latest medical infrastructure that is available in the world for cardiology . The latest cardiology medical infrastructure helps the Dr Ajay , Cardiologist in Dwarka Delhi to provide non-invasive image processing , stress tests , echocardiography , cardiovascular cts , and thallium heart mapping . The ultra modern clinic of Cardiologist in Dwarka Delhi helps patient to get the best non- invasive cardiology , intervention cardiology , paediatrics cardiology , and electro physiology .

The services of the Cardiologist in Dwarka Delhi help the heart patient to get the best service in the cardiology . The services are provided through ct coronary angiogram , ct scan , cardiac ablation , cardioversion , cardiac catherization , carotid angioplasty and stenting , cholesterol test , holter monitor ,heart scan , neonatal and pediatric heart surgery , implantable cardioverte-defibrillators , etc . The Cardiologist in Dwarka Delhi also offers the services of pacemaker , ventricular assist devices , stress test and tilt table test .

The experience and specialized knowledge Cardiologist in Dwarka Delhi of Dr Ajay helps patients to get the best heart services in the capital . The touch of the Cardiologist in Dwarka Delhi immediately relaxes a patient and gives assurance that the best medical services support by the state of the art medical infrastructure for cardiology will bring the favorable results . The Cardiologist in Dwarka Delhi , Dr Ajay has performed many heart operations successfully . He has also enabled many hundreds of patients to get a new lease of life through his experience in effectively diagnosing , and treating the heart issue .